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Basmati Rice Supplier in India


With its corporate office in Village Pakhana, Nadana Road, Taraori, Karnal, Haryana, Mahavir Global INC. has its product presence in India and across the globe. MGI basmati rice exports in India. MGI is the world's largest exporter of branded basmati rice. As a leading Sella Basmati Rice Exporter in India, we have won our customers' trust and become one of India's most trusted rice suppliers over the years.


Long and slender with a distinct fragrance, Basmati rice is grown in a specific region the Himalayan foothills of the Indian subcontinent for many years. The exceptionally long grains elongate at least twice when cooked, and they also have a soft and delicate fluffy texture, an exquisite taste, an enticing flavor, and a magical aroma that sets them apart from other long grain rice varieties.